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Ambroise AubrunUNLV
New Review of our album "Romance de Guerre" on MusicVoice!

"The beauty and the programmatic depth of these compositions are further enhanced by the brilliant performance of the two young performers, the French violinist Ambroise Aubrun and the Belgian pianist Steven Vanhauwaert. As the first manages to find with his instrument the temperaments, the shadows and the lights expressed by these pages, giving back positive tension, drama, as streams of hope and soothing light with a truly remarkable performing tone, making it clear to be perfectly integrated into the ideal interpretative dimension, the second is a passionate and present interlocutor, artisan of a pianism that knows how to stand up, dialoguing and confronting openly, without being succubus of the other, demonstrating mastery and a "theatrical" sense of the instrument." Andrea Bedetti (Music Voice, Italy).

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Ambroise Aubrun