As the long months of the Great War wore on, society clung to its former codes, to habits belonging to prewar times. Many composers, whether far removed from the conflict like Elgar or wallowing in the mud of the trenches like Philippe Gaubert, were convinced that the sonata, which for over a century had been playing on the salons’ heartstrings, was not about to die. If the Elgar sonata is well-known, the works of Philippe Gaubert and all the more those of Blair Fairchild, unfairly forgotten, deserve a revival.

Steven Vanhauwaert, piano
Ambroise Aubrun, violon 

"Superb Interpretations" - Thierry Vagne (France)
"Ambroise Aubrun [...] offers a luminous sound and a style brilliantly marrying [this repertoire], and the Belgian pianist Steven Vanhauwaert, [...] has a nervous and precise style that stands out." Jean-Pierre Robert (France)
"These [appealing] sonatas and the short piece 'Prunella' by Benjamin Dale are played expressively by French violinist Ambroise Aubrun and Belgian pianist Steven Vanhauwaert guided by a strong instinct for the works’ subtle individualities. [...] With his creative imagination, Aubrun always stays in active dialogue with the rhetoric musicianship of the pianist." Remy Franck (Luxembourg)